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Android based cellbots

Water Gun Robot

Michael Winter’s Squirt is an autonomous robot which can communicate with an Android phone. Optionally, the phone can be used as a controller to drive the robot. Squirt’s purpose is to water plants and chase away raccoons. It’s also a technology … Continue reading

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Cellbots at the International Science & Engineering Fair

We’re thrilled to be demoing our Android Cellbots at the 2010 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair this week in San Jose, California. Thousands of people will be dropping by the Google booth to play with four of the robots … Continue reading

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Powering A Robot From The Phone’s Battery

We’ve simplified the Tankbot so much that this has to be one of the simplest and cheapest robots around. Instead of a 5v Arduino, which needs 3.3v to 5v logic level converting, we’re using a 3.3v Arduino Mini Pro. The … Continue reading

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Our First Semi-Autonomous Navigation

We’ve added the first bit of autonomy to our Cellbots by having the Truckbot stop before going off a ledge. We did this by building upon the Wheelchairbot’s ability to sense distance with an ultrasonic range finder. Then it just … Continue reading

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Remote Control Using Bambuser Video Streaming

Building on the video streaming success of the Nrover, we tried something new for Truckbot, by streaming video from the phone via Bambuser to a new remote control web page. We did this by turning the phone on its side … Continue reading

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