This is a project to allow Symbian Series 60 phones to act as embedded remote controller for RC platforms such as car, tank, UAV, etc.   Below is my first incarnation of this, I call it the Nrover. Specs include:

  • Live, low-latency video feed over AT&T US 3G network — 500msec latency using specially developed low-latency client/server based on Movino.
  • Special wide-angle lens adapter to give better field of view for remote driving
  • 4200mah battery for long trips.
  • Servo controller controls electronic speed controller and brake-based steering system from phone.
  • Working on software-based PID feedback loop in order to hold a specified heading
  • Thanks to the pys60 dev team at Nokia! You guys rule.
  • Click on the picture for full size.

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