There are three different software platforms for programming your Cellbot, in addition to our ready-to-run Android app found in the Market. In increasing order of complexity they are:

  1. Cellbots app from the Android Market
  2. App Inventor for Android
  3. Cellbots Python library
  4. Cellbots Java app

Download the Cellbots app from the Android Market and it runs out of the box. Use App Inventor for Android to write a program in the browser and push it to your phone. Utilize the Cellbots Python libray with the Scripting Layer for Android to program your robot using Python. Then sync with the Cellbots Java app to write a true application for Android in Eclipse.

These programs support the Arduino based robots such as Tankbot and Truckbot, as well as commercially available platforms: VEX Pro, iRobot Create & iRobot Roomba, and LEGO MINDSTORMS. Some of the other platforms like the TRRSTAN and NRover are not yet integrated into the same codebase and API’s but we hope to unify things in 2011.

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  2. elizabeth hess says:

    I have a raid robot and lost control to it the FCC ID. D486NBIS-750R made in korea

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  5. GAO QIANG says:

    I am reading the paper ‘Probabilistic 3-D Motion Estimation for Rolling Shutter Video Rectification from Visual and Inertial Measurements’ written by Chao Jia and Brian L. Evans. They said that ‘To record the video and the inertial measurements at the same time, we use an application “Sensor Data Logger” developed by Cellbots- ‘.
    I want to try the application “Sensor Data Logger” too, but I can not find it on the web.Can you help me to find it? Thanks

  6. GAO QIANG says:

    I want to get the video frame and sensor data synchronously, So I want to get the application “Sensor Data Logger” too.Thanks a lot!

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