We are a collection of hobbyists who want to free your cell phone from your pocket and let it connect and move with the real word. How? As a robot of course!

Cellbots aren’t just about using your phone to control a robot (which is cool too), but we aim on making your phone be the robot. It already has touch, hearing, speech, vibration, and many more senses, but needs legs (or wheels) to finally be the free roaming robot it was born to be. Check out examples of phone freedom in our robot platforms section and get started with our software today.

This is an Android phone connected to an Arduino platform, that can use text-to-speech, GPS, and compass headings:

Here we demonstrate a Nokia N-95 phone using BlueTooth and a joystick to control an RC car:

Check out our other articles for more details and the links on the right to find source code, pictures, and videos or more cellbots in action. Feel free to share your projects, questions, and ideas on the Cellbots discussion group, or reach out to us at team@cellbots.com.

Don’t let your cell phone suffer from another day of sitting idle on the charger or jammed deep in your bag – set her free!

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  2. Sheldon Kaye says:

    Hi my name is Sheldon Kaye, I am a show manager at the new show APPCON. APPCON is a mobile application developers conference & expo which is being help in Las Vegas, Nevada August 24-26.

    During APPCON we plan on holding a “Hackathon” competition where we envisioned mobile developers programming robots to compete with each other in games or something similar.

    Your cell bots would be absolutely perfect for this competition, and I was hoping I could talk to you further about this opportunity.

    If this interests you please email me or call me at 702-450-7662 ext. 124

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. michele rosado says:

    I googled “fun with old electronics” and clicked Im feeling lucky, then I saw the you tube video that used the old cell phones in robotics, awesome!
    I’ve always been into usinf electronics but recently I’ve had the itch to take them apart and find new ways to use them. I have a bunch of old stuff lying around cell phones a ’98 desktop ninteno 64 super nintento game boy and little mini handheld games that play one themed game from the 80’s and 90’s lol. along with my new technologies lap top stereo dvd player vcr etc. and heres the kicker, i have 3 power wheelchairs 2 which are non functioning. i kno theres just something i can do with all my old stuff and your site has inspirired me to make something but unfortunately i have no idea how circut boards and programing work or where to even start. it would be a fun project for me to program a gps controlled wheelchair, howerver i need a mentor, care to help out on this on

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  5. Russ Rudin says:

    I’m part of a small company that is considering commercializing an Android-based robot. Would any of you be interested in learning more and potentially discussing and / or participating in this venture? We currently have an Arduino-based balancing robot hobby kit in the works. Feel free to email or call me. Thanks for your consideration. Russ

    760 608-3511

  6. robandix says:


    nice site.

    I programmed my NXT and my Android HTC to give the robot some vision using the camera. Watch it here:

    Greetings from Germany

  7. David Oster says:

    RE: http://www.cellbots.com/robot-platforms/trrstan/
    just reporting a typo: feel free to delete this comment.
    in Safety Considerations:, point (2) s/iterating/irritating/
    point (4) s/allays/always/
    in Assembly Instructions:: point (9) s/cant/can’t/
    point (11) s/end, If/end. If/
    (3) s/ligher/lighter/

  8. That’s a pretty funny parable.
    But while one guys putting on his shoes, the other guy should be running.

  9. Marek says:

    I am very impressed with your ideas, and would need your help.
    I am planing to make a movie about unusual places not accesible safely by human.
    Would need set of your components to assembly boat controled by mobile phone with video transmition controled over internet.
    Let me know if you could help.


  10. The crux of your writing whilst appearing agreeable initially, did not really work perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace within the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer but only for a short while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your jumps in assumptions and one might do nicely to help fill in those gaps. When you can accomplish that, I would certainly end up being fascinated.

  11. Srinivas says:

    How can i start android with robot.pls guide me

  12. Bella Chan says:

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    And it has enjoyed a great reputation for on time delivery / high quality / competitive price.

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  13. Michael H says:

    So recently I had an idea to combine my recently obsolete HTC EVO 4G with my FXD Remote Control Helicopter. I figured that I could rip all the sensors out of the helicopter, wire the motor controls up to my cell phone, connect the cell to the helicopter and watch it take off. So I started doing some research and your wonderful website was literally my first stop. I was amazed, here were people doing exactly what I wanted to do. So after a little more research I ordered all the parts to fix the helicopter ( I wrecked it last year ), and am going to start the project. I am however a little bit of a beginner programmer, and was wondering if there was anyone on your team that would like to help tackle a Helicopter Cellbot?
    My goals with the project are:
    Replace Helicopter gyro with phone sensors, if possible
    Have full motor control with Android
    Fly using another android phone, and see a view from the helicopter with the other phone
    Input GPS cords. and have the ability to fly there on its own
    Use camera on phone to measure distance to the ground for elevation control, and hopefully a proximity sensor
    If anyone would be interested in helping out on this project in any way, please contact me. Or if you would like to take this idea and run with it, making your own robotic helicopters, please feel free and release the coding so I can use it.


  14. Darin Mcthay says:

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  15. Kristine says:

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  16. Karen McChesney says:

    I’m writing to invite a staff person to speak on a Technology Careers Panel for my ACT Prep Elective class at East High School in Denver on Friday, November 20th at the following times

    The panel is completely informal; no speech/formal presentation necessary.

    Panel goal: expose hs juniors to the breadth of careers in the world of technology, including the many different educational pathways – your stories, as well as to dispel the many stereotypes.

    I greatly appreciate your time and reaching out to high school juniors. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any questions or need further information.Best.
    Karen McChesney

  17. michael Allan Berman says:

    Do you want to play a game….

  18. Ravi says:


    I think this was a great idea. I would like to try restarting it (although my focus will be to drive down cost so that it can be evangelized in resource-constrained places). I’m thinking of a very cheap dev board connected to an Android phone via USB which sends commands to control 2 motors.

    Are there any projects which do similar things? Would anyone like to explore building this with me if there are none?

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