We have multiple ways to have fun with the popular LEGO(R) MINDSTORMS(R) NXT robot platforms. Start by downloading the Android application from the Market to have some fun out of the box. If you want to modify how that works, we have the full Java source code available as well. For beginners, App Inventor for Android provides tight integration in an easy to use web based environment.

Using App Inventor for Android is the best method to give you full control, including access to attached sensors and flexible port connections. Build a Color Sorter, Alpha Rex, Robogator, or anything you can dream up using LEGO MINDSTORMS kits. You can even write an app that triggers programs to run on the NXT brick such as those written in NXT-G, NXC, or LeJOS.

If you download the Cellbots app for Android, you’ll want to build a robot using the motors plugged into ports B & C such as the default Shooterbot. Although shooting is not currently supported and the app doesn’t read from the sensors, you could add these things by building your own app from the source code. Out of the box you just need to pair with the NXT using Bluetooth on your Android phone and you’ll be up and running instantly.

Be sure to have fun trying different ways of mounting your phone on top of the robot. We recommend orienting the phone in landscape mode with the camera facing forward on the left. This will give you the best video and picture solution if you are using two Android phones to drive the robot.

LEGO has also released an official Android app called MINDdroid, which has similar functions to the Cellbot app in remote control accelerometer mode. Next up we’ll build LEGO support into the Python library and so developers will have even more options. Between the official app, Cellbots for Android, and App Inventor, there’s no shortage of options to try today with your cellphone.

11 Responses to LEGO MINDSTORMS

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  2. lucas says:

    this is great stuff but I’de like to know how to make the robots pictured

  3. Steve says:

    i have the HTC Desire and i have access to the web interface but cannot see any video

  4. Radek says:

    It’s mind blowing! Now I know what to use my android device for, which also can be used as phone.

  5. Hello, My name is Nay’Quan Carter and I’m a teen who is very well interested in this android controlled robotic work, I currently have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S ll (SGH-T989). and i was wondering if u could email me or if its listed on your site on what i need to do to have my phone do as yours do, Here i have the app from the android market (Google play) and now i need to know what to buy and how to build it..

  6. Educational toys such as a robotics tool will help develop children’s imagination and creative thinking. Imagine your kids, especially if they are boys, having tons of fun constructing robots that are able to perform basic tasks such as speaking, seeing, moving, and feeling. Surely you would be the proudest parent in the world. The LEGO Mindstorms 8547 is a robotics kit equipped with a microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software. Your children will be able to build an alligator, a humanoid, or a ball color sorter. This robotics kit is ideal for children aged 10 and older. It takes approximately an hour for them to build their first robot which is normally a basic robot. After a bit of practice, they can build a basic robot in less time and even start to build other, more complex robots.

  7. says:

    I teach Technology Ed to Middle Schoolers and I have a Mindstorm. I have connected it to my Samsung Stratosphere using your program. I setup a gmail account for it and tried to control it via Google Chat, but, it does not work. I was assuming that that the phone was still connected via bluetooth. Does there need to be a hardwire connection? Can you please provide me with some instructions. I think this would be great for the kids and can be a more relative application of technology for them.


    John Palko

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