iRobot Create & Roomba

Everyone knows about the Roomba, but did you know that iRobot also makes a really cool robot platform minus the¬†vacuum¬†called Create? Both products can be interfaced via serial Bluetooth and commanded from the Cellbots code. We’ve found the iRobot bots worked really well with a car dock on top to become an integrated system.

The Java and Python codebases integrate with these bots, but you could also use the API documentation to write something with App Inventor for Android via the Bluetooth module. You’l want to be sure and pick up a BAM from Element Direct for the iRobot Create, or a RooTooth for any modern Roomba. This means the Roomba must have been manufacturered after October 2005 in order to support serial port operation.

For now we just support basic driving of the robot and don’t yet have commands to turn on the vacuum (for Roomba) or use the other sensors. You can however use the Cellbots for Android app to stream images, take pictures, and chase your pets around the house. If you don’t have a car dock for your phone you can get clever and use something like Vex parts to mount one. Bonus points to anyone who figures out a way to power the servos from the BAM module!

Have fun and pick up an iRobot Create with BAM or iRobot Roomba with RooTooth module today!

4 Responses to iRobot Create & Roomba

  1. joseph says:

    I think is an awesome present!!!!.

  2. nicandris says:

    ok, i’m purchasing a Create. what’s the accessories needed to purchase so i can create the package? i guess battery pack + charger. usb modules?

  3. Carlos Andres says:

    I am goig to buy the iRobot Create with BAM and the Command module. I will plug it a IP camera to watch the video from my computer. Do you think I should buy the 3000 mAh battery or use it with the standard batteries the robot uses?


  4. viraj says:

    Hey, I am wondering if I should buy a roomba or a create. The advantage of buying a roomba would be that it might still be useful even if I don’t program it.

    The cellbots software works with both, the roomba and the create right?

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