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Android based cellbots

Glen’s Wheelchairbot Adds 2-Way Communications

Glen, our newest team member from Australia, has shared his new Wheelchairbot with us. He’s using two Parallax continuous rotation servos and some Tamiya plates to quickly hack together the body. What’s really impressive is the inclusion of an ultrasonic … Continue reading

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Send Commands Via XMPP Chat

Your Cellbot can now take commands from anywhere in the world via XMPP chat. In this example we’ve created a new Google Account just for the robot, and put the username and password in a brand new config file we’ve … Continue reading

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Control Your Android Robot With Voice Recognition

We’re excited to show our newest capability today: voice recognition! The Android platform comes with voice recognition built in, and thanks to the Android Scripting Environment, we only need a single line of code to use (droid.recognizeSpeech() if you were … Continue reading

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Neon Green Acrylic Truckbot Shines Bright

Our Truckbot robot has officially grown up. We started with some rapid prototyping using cardboard to flesh out our custom CAD design. We were surprised by how well the cardboard worked as a viable robot but we went ahead and … Continue reading

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Our Newest Robot: Boxbot

We’re take rapid prototyping to a bigger scale with the MDF fiberboard Boxbot. Jason, our newest Cellbot contributor, designed the entire thing using Google SketchUp, and then cut up $10 worth of fiberboard on a CNC ShopBot. He built it … Continue reading

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