Control + Video From a browser

As previewed, the CellJoust software is now Available for download This software uses a new Architecture that allows control of the bot from any web browser, while getting low lag streaming video.

The software has two parts, the first is the Android APK can run standalone and accept commands from a Wiimote. This is useful if you do not need video as setup is quite Simple.

Standalone/Wiimote Mode Setup:

  1. Install “WiimoteController” fromt the market
  2. Install “CellJoust” from the cellbots google code downloads
  3. Run WiimoteController and get your Wiimote setup, be sure to pick the Wiimote as your default input device.
  4. Now Run CellJoust
  5. The bot should move when you press and hold a direction on the d-pad

Browser Control and Streaming Video Setup

  1. Install “CellJoust” from the cellbots google code downloads
  2. Download and install your favorite servlet container, ie. Tomcat
  3. Download CellServ.war from googlecode and put it in your webapps directory
  4. Start Tomcat
  5. Now start your favorite web browser and go to localhost:8080, you should see a Tomcat welcome page
  6. go to localhost:8080/CellServ you should see some movement buttons and a broken image tag since we are not sending video yet
  7. Make sure your phone is on the same wi-fi as your pc.
  8. Start Celljoust, press the menu key, and go to settings
  9. Set the CellServ to point to your pc
  10. Now restart Celljoust and it should start sending video to the browser window
  11. If the video is not connecting, check your settings and reboot your phone
  12. Once you see video, you should be able to use the buttons in the browser gui to drive the robot

This software was made with contributions from several members of the Cellbots team, and numerous open source projects such as GWT,ProtoBuff, CyanogenMod, AOSP. It is open source under Apache2 and the source code is available in the Cellbots svn repo.

This TRRSTAN only version is only a starting point with the ultimate goal of “A mobile app and a web interface that can drive a Roomba, Cellbot, Vex, LEGO, or similar robot”–Ryan

We are also investigating different network topologies for use across the room, or across the plannet. This nice network diagram is by Chris at CMU:

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6 Responses to Control + Video From a browser

  1. nick says:

    I replaced with my ip address. Still couldn’t see the video. not sure where to go from here. G1 CM 6.0.0

  2. Darrell says:


    The format is htpp:// Assuming your computer is at that IP and you tomcat deployed to /CellJoust

    You may be missing the “http://” it will be optional in the beta i will release tomorrow.

    Also the performance on G1 is sluggish, but we are working on it.

  3. Steve Gray says:

    This Tomcat video serving application sound like what I am looking for: but the use of Tomcat is foreign to me.

    Is there a site (other than Apache who seem to only speak in high level software lingo) that I can visit to learn how the install should look on a computer? I sounds to me that Tomcat does not run on its own. Is it an add-on to Java? How do I get Java to use the Tomcat servlet?

    You can tell I am very confused; but am also very excited about using my onboard cell phone to send video to my laptop. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  4. Agatha says:

    Good point. I hadn’t touhght about it quite that way. 🙂

  5. ragav says:

    Hi guys,
    This is ragav am android fresher .Very nice work for this. And I try to capture video from android mobile and that video to again play in same mobile. i split two screen in mobile .now i can capture video store on server using simple socket connection. Can u please tel me how to using RTSP/RTP protocol and server to mobile streaming video.

    All ideas are welcome .

  6. apk download says:

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