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Robot Brain Transplant at the Maker Faire

So the Cellbots team were at Google’s Cloud Robotics shipping container, prepping a demo of an “Antlerbot” – an RC car controlled by a Nexus One connected to a Sparkfun IOIO board – when disaster struck: the Antlerbot ran up … Continue reading

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Open Sourcing the Perception Manager

Hi, this is Anthony Francis, a member of Google’s Cloud Robotics team and a volunteer at Cellbots.com. Cellbots’s mission to make cool robots out of phones and spare parts is possible because of volunteer efforts and source code contributions. Recently … Continue reading

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Calling all Makers!

Hello, all … there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at Cellbots (check out the recent changesĀ in our source code repository, with more in the works) and this weekend you’ll get a chance to see what we’ve been … Continue reading

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