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App Inventor Bluetooth

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9 Responses to App Inventor Bluetooth

  1. Vitalicus says:

    Where is the code ?

  2. Carlos says:

    Hi, i like see the code, please you cant send to my emali or load to the page?

  3. sentilon says:

    hey i would like the code pls. and another question is there any way to receive data from a bluetooth device and store them in tinydb?

  4. Earther says:

    Xperia play can’t send message instantly, poor machine

  5. André Almeida says:

    is that it? an image with two buttons and BlueToothClient?
    i could do better than that like… THREE BUTTONS AND A SOUND.
    this is useless. have you tried showing the code and explain how it works?

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  8. Miquel says:

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