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Instructional information on making your own cellbot

Handling 3.3v to 5v Logic Level conversion

Most projects using a 5v Arduino board for robots are going to run into some 3.3v circuits at some point. This might be the serial line coming from a G1 Android phone or an inexpensive Bluetooth module. To deal with … Continue reading

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Updated CAD Designs & Acrylic Cutting

We wanted to share a little more about the process behind the design of the Truckbot. The process starts by using SolidWorks to do the CAD work, and then exporting those files to PDF, and then using CorelDRAW for the … Continue reading

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Using Plastic Heat Shrink To Protect Electronics

The robots we’re using for Cellbots are typically very small and use tiny wires to connect all of the circuits. We’ve had cases where two of these wires bend and start shorting, and other times where we’ve pulled too hard … Continue reading

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Using Bluetooth On Android & Nokia

The Nrover Cellbot running on Nokia phones has always been using Bluetooth, and now we’re using it for the Android Truckbot and Tankbot too. This is thanks to an upgrade to the Android Scripting Environment, which now allows for Python … Continue reading

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Hacking Servos for Continuous Rotation

Our inexpensive Truckbot robots have been using tiny $3 micro servos that get modified for continuous rotation. We do this by removing some plastic that prevents the gears from going all the way around and then bypassing the potentiometer inside. … Continue reading

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